Living Experience


Tri Delta facilities provide a home away from home to many. Our members embrace the ideal of friendship and value self-respect as they are free to be themselves, form strong friendships and have their current friendships grow stronger while spending time with each other in one of our chapter locations. 


Tri Delta fosters academic excellence. By providing our members with quiet study spaces, academic resources, modern amenities and Wi-Fi throughout the facility, our members are able to focus on their academics and learn in a comfortable and supportive environment.


Outside the classroom, Tri Delta members are boldly leading the way and are actively involved on their campuses and in their communities. Tri Delta spaces support their leadership and allow members to grow into the best version of themselves.

Our Home

The beautiful white-bricked house at 503 West 27th Street is a special place for many Texas Tri Deltas. Whether you lived in the house during college or you spent time in the dining room for dinner or meetings, the Tri Delta house is definitely a home away from home.

After purchasing the acre of land in 1938, C.H. Page & Son designed the French Second Empire Revival manor to house the Delta Delta Delta Sorority. The formal opening of the house on December 5, 1940 was celebrated in the back terrace with a live orchestra and dancing. Hundreds of guests joined in the festivities.

During the past seven decades, our house has hosted Recruitment parties, St. Jude events, Initiations, Ring Pass Ceremonies and even a Centennial! Originally housing only 32 Tri Deltas, the house has undergone many additions in order to accommodate our growing chapter. A coveted place to live during a member's time at UT, the Tri Delta house acts as a great place to study and relax with your sisters.

With beautiful and historical details such as the deltas etched in the front porch glass windows to the iconic yellow sunporch, the Delta Shelta has been home to many generations of Texas Tri Deltas and will continue to be a place of comfort and memories for all our members.