Welcome to Texas Tri Delta's Recruitment Page!


Riley, Page, and Lauren here! We are honored to serve as the leadership of this year’s recruitment team. Last year, we welcomed an amazing new pledge class, and we hope to do the same this upcoming fall!

Our recruitment team this year embodies all the best qualities of Tri Delta. We are so excited and lucky to get to work with these incredible women. Everyone on the recruitment team is anxiously waiting to meet and get to know each and every girl that will walk through the doors of Tri Delta in August. We have been working hard since February to ensure that the 2024 Recruitment is a memorable and rewarding experience for each potential new member.

Please feel free to browse through the rest of the web page to get a better feel of our chapter! Texas Tri Delta is so unique and diverse. We hope to show everyone how amazing and rewarding it is to be a Tri Delta at the University of Texas at Austin. Any questions regarding recruitment can be found on our webpage or the UT Austin Panhellenic website.

Thank you for visiting our page, and we look forward to meeting all the PNMs through Recruitment this August!


Delta Love,

Riley Dyke, VP of Membership Experience 

Page Hutcheson, Director of Member Selection 

Lauren Rose, Director of Recruitment Events


Contact Us:

Recruitment: txtrideltrecruitment@gmail.com

Recruitment References ONLY:  thetazetareference@gmail.com